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Event: Weber / Simmel antagonisms, staged dialogues

10-11 December at the University of Edinburgh.

A conference organized by the Max Weber Group of the British Sociological Association & Edinburgh Sociology.

Keynote dialogues


Nigel Dodd (LSE) as Simmel
Geoff Ingham (Cambridge) as Weber


Scott Lash (Goldsmiths) as Simmel
Uta Gerhardt (Heidelberg) as Weber

Verstehen and writing

Rosalie Dion (Montréal) as Simmel
Barbara Thériault (Montréal) as Weber


Thomas Kemple (UBC) as Simmel
Austin Harrington (Leeds) as Weber

Philosophical & political stance

Olli Pyyhtinen (Tampere) as Simmel
Carlos Frade (Salford) as Weber

(Not clear whether there are still places: it says registration closed in November, but it also says it’s still open).